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Recently, I landed an ML SDE II role in Amazon after 5 months of job hunting (yes! 5 months! so chin up!). The sole purpose of this article is to give you hope, hints, and tools to find a good one for yourself. I know it is hard, but it is possible. I got one and so you will!

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I would suggest a way more ergonomic gesture and way less caffeine! [Image credit MixKit]

It was almost the end of January that I was bragging about my stock market portfolio with my friends and the market in all domains was blooming and almost all business entities, including the little local market we have across the street, had at least one open position for a data scientist! …

With the fast-paced growth of AI-based frameworks and technologies to detect, classify, and predict a wide range of subjects, one can expect it to be easier for developers to bring their own ideas to the reality. However, as there are many options available, it is a time consuming process to decide which one fits the needs and where to start when it comes to your exciting and novel ideas. Here, I hope I can layout a step by step tutorial on a project that each piece of it can be used/replaced with different frameworks to serve as a starting point.

I enjoy planting almost everything, from orange to avocado seed in our small balcony. …

What comes to your mind when you think about an AI conference? Fast pace speakers, companies with cool ideas and demos, interesting little swags, the eye-opening road maps to move toward a fancier future? To be fair, the O’Reilly AI conference had it all.

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Long distance, digital zoom, dark environment, and cell phone: Recipe for taking a bad photo

This year, I was honored to be selected as one of the Intel Student Ambassadors who were supported by Intel to travel to NYC and attend O’Reilly AI Conference. (If you are a student and interested in AI, make sure to learn about this program, you might be selected to go there next time!)

During the two days of the conference, what I liked the most were the keynotes. Over the course of 90 minutes, 10 minute long talks discussed the main AI achievements and challenges, inspired and bombard me with new ideas, pointers, and topics to learn next. …

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Toward Understanding the Incentivized Online Reviews on Amazon

When you shop from Amazon, how do you narrow down the products? What are the factors that you rely on? Product brand, price, seller’s reputation, and product reviews are among the top factors considered by shoppers. Smart shoppers, like you, also take a look at the customer reviews to understand the associated pros and cons of the product.

Now before we proceed, among these three options, which one would you buy?

An easy to use and fast way to convert your dash-cam videos into timelapse videos

If you have a sport camera or a dash-cam and want to create timelapse, remove sound and audio, and easily speed up/down your DashCam videos taken by any Sport/DSLR/Mobile Camera, you are reading the right article!

The tool is ready to use and just the parameters to be passed to, link to the files and project on GitHub is provided below, and installation and execution instructions are documented both here and on the Git repository.

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Git Repository:

Link to the repository:

Input format:

[fileType= mp4] [ speed= 4 ] [ frameRate= 30 ]

To Start:

  1. make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your system.
  2. Download the and copy it in a folder of your choice (we call it DC_Home)
  3. Open terminal in that folder, ctrl+alt+t and cd to DC_Home, Now run these commands:
    chmod +x
    mkdir ./DO
  4. Put all your Video files in ./DO folder, pass the file extension as the first parameter and desirable speed rate as the second input and Run…


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